mexeon goes with the technologies that makes your business grow and stay up-to-date. We are specialized in the field of computer technology and process control based on PLC, embedded systems and electronics. See below what else we can do.

Industrial automation

We design and develop automatic control systems wherever they are needed – for production lines and processes, machinery, chemical and food industry, power plants, packaging etc. PLC, DCS, SCADA and HMI systems. We use quality equpement from world-renowned manufacturers - from small and efficient solutions up to high class systems.

Data aquisition and Custody measurements

Industry needs information. We measure, monitor and collect data from your processes - process and oprational parameters, production volume and quality, telemetry and equipment status. We generate reports in graphical or table format - locally or web-based, on a desktop, tablet or smartphone. We also offer accountability systems, required by the National Customs Agency and the National Revenue Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria. We provide links to accounting, excise, customs, ERP, and other reporting systems.

Вградени системи

Some systems has be small. At the same time they must be powerful. Wherever compact size and low consumption are important, and there is a need for smart control, monitoring or data recording. We design and develop lightweight single-chip microcontroller solutions or ARM-based compact high-end systems. Small and cheap or flexible and based on Linux / embedded Winows environment.

Outsourcing and support

We offer programming, support, electrical supervision, commissioning and start-up of machinery and plants for Bulgarian and international companies and manufacturers. Engineering services on site or remotely. Hands-and-eyes support.


Складове и авто-везни

We offer solutions for warehouse stock availability and accountability, as well as sales reporting systems and goods tranfers through truck scales. Flowmeter systems according to MID for liquid fuels and other raw materials. Flowmeter systems for road tanks, for reception and analysis of milk, fuel and other. Providing links to accounting, excise and ERP systems.