Data acquisition and Custody measurements

Industry needs information. We measure, monitor and collect data from your processes - process and oprational parameters, production volume and quality, telemetry and equipment status. We generate reports in graphical or table format - locally or web-based, on a desktop, tablet or smartphone.
We also offer accountability systems, required by the National Customs Agency and the National Revenue Agency of the Republic of Bulgaria. We provide links to accounting, excise, customs, ERP, and other reporting systems.

Data processing

We create systems for collecting information of all kinds and keeping it in archives and databases. Such information may be:

  • Production volume - count, quantity, flow, weight, etc.
  • Production quality by measurable indicators
  • Raaw materials and fuel consumption in production
  • Generated, consumed or distributed energy - electricity, fuel, steam, heat, cold
  • Custody transfers
  • Machine parameters, facility status, telemetry.
  • Many other

The collected and saved data could be used by various ways. Typically, it is the basis for preparing different reports and statistics. Data could be represented as tables or graphics on your computer, tablet or smartphone, it could be exported, e.g. in Excel or simply printed. It can also be tranferred to ERP or other softwares. This will help you optimize your processes, keep track of them and take full control.

Excise goods and custody transfers

For the companies producing and/or trade with excisable goods or doing custody transfers we offer measurement systems according to Directive 2014/32/EC (MID) and all the necessary control equipement according to the requirements of the National Customs Agency. We offer measuring devices, sensors and systems that track the excise goods and materials from and to excise storage and provide data directly to the Customs Agency's system when the law requires it.
Such goods and processes may be:
• Alcohol, distillates, spirits
• Beer - large, small and micro breweries
• Cigarettes and tobacco products
• Fuels and substances, which are subject to a special excise duty regime as fuels

The solutions we provide:
• Flow meters and measuring systems for liquids other than water according to MID MI-005
• Bottles and packing counters
• Barcode scanners
• Data acquisition systems for National Customs
• Archiving systems and links to accounting and ERP systems.